Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why Are You Addicted To Achievements?

Gaming in its wide variety of forms can provide virtual satisfaction for these needs too. Achievements are one of these ways - an additional method by which games cater for our compulsive drive to improve and better ourselves...The view of gamers and developers alike on this most fundamental aspect of gaming has altered over the last three decades. In a way, the difference is staggeringly simple; somebody somewhere took the word "achievement" and pluralised it. Now, instead of being presented with a high score or a series of credits at the end of a game, achievements are scattered like breadcrumbs throughout a gamer's experience. The new gaming model of achievements bears some resemblance to experiments in psychological conditioning undertaken in the 1950's, the most famous of which are B.F. Skinner's experiments into "operant" conditioning. more

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