Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tantrum Tamer: New (Old) Ways Parents Can Stop Bad Behavior

Forget everything you may have read about coping with children's temper tantrums. Time-outs, sticker charts, television denial—for many, none of these measures will actually result in long-term behavior change, according to researchers at two academic institutions. Instead, a set of techniques known as "parent management training" is proving so helpful to families struggling with a child's unmanageable behavior that clinicians in the U.S. and the U.K. are starting to adopt them...The training focuses on three components known as the ABCs: the Antecedent, or the environment and events that set the stage for a tantrum or other undesirable action. Then there is the Behavior itself, and how parents can help a child learn new behaviors, in some cases using pretend scenarios. The Consequences component involves reinforcing a positive behavior or discouraging a negative one. more

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Matt Normand said...

Interesting article featuring the work of Alan Kazdin. I'm not so sure about the framing (these are not new strategies) or the claims that time-out, sticker charts, etc. don't work (they do when used appropriately), but there is a lot to like about the article, generally speaking.