Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Behaviorism at 100" - Revisionist History?

From Scientific American: According to author Stephen Ledoux, "Over its second 50 years, the study of behavior evolved to become a discipline, behaviorology, independent of psychology." Behaviorism as a philosophy of science began with an article by John B. Watson in 1913, and its several varieties inform different behavior-related disciplines. During the past 100 years, disciplinary developments have led to a clarified version of behaviorism informing a basic, separate natural science of behavior. This recently emerged independent discipline not only complements other natural sciences, but also shares in solving local and global problems by showing how to discover and effectively control the variables that unlock solutions to the common behavior-related components of these problems. more

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Matt Normand said...

This article held great promise and delivers in places. However, it unfortunately is centered around a historical distortion: behaviorism becoming "behaviorology." See the comments section for clarification.