Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"The Experimental Analysis of Behavior" Reprinted in Latest Issue of American Scientist

B. F. Skinner's 1957 article "The Experimental Analysis of Behavior" is reproduced in full in the latest issue of American Scientist. It is available for free online. From the article:

"Not so long ago the expression “a science of behavior” would have been regarded as a contradiction in terms. Living organisms were distinguished by the fact that they were spontaneous and unpredictable. If you saw something move without being obviously pushed or pulled, you could be pretty sure it was alive. This was so much the case that mechanical imitations of living things—singing birds which flapped their wings, figures on a clock tolling a bell—had an awful fascination which, in the age of electronic brains and automation, we cannot recapture or fully understand. One hundred and fifty years of science and invention have robbed living creatures of this high distinction." more

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