Monday, January 23, 2012

Can Online Gaming Influence a US Presidential Election?

Political games have been around as long as politics. But advances in technology and social media could make them a huge factor in the upcoming US presidential election...[T]he scale and scope of the internet has made the implications of gamification much more important. "Now we have new tools," says Mr Corbett. "Before, you could maybe get someone to play a game across the city. Now you can get a million people over the course of a few days." There is also a new type of voter, raised on the fast pace of internet interactions. "They expect a more rewarding experience, and they expect a more immediate gratification," says Gamification's Gabriel Zichermann. "For them, it's about immediacy and feedback and reward and sociability. All of those things need to be present in a system in order to be interesting to this gamer generation." more

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