Tuesday, January 31, 2012

UCF Anxiety Disorders Clinic Helps People Suffering from PTSD

"Behavior therapy is the most studied and, what we call, empirically supported — meaning it has the most data behind it — treatment for anxiety disorders," [Dr. Deborah] Beidel said. "It's more effective than medication, and it's more effective than talk therapy."..This 17-week program takes place right under students' noses. Behind a door on the first floor of the Psychology building are offices that appear quite normal, until the X-box game controllers, scientist-like glasses and giant headphones are pulled out and hooked up...Beidel said that the core of behavioral therapy treatment is exposure. "Let's say you were afraid of a dog – how do you think you would get over that fear?" Beidel said. "You have to start being around dogs. We do it in a very controlled fashion, but exposure therapy arranges for you to get in touch with what it is that you're afraid of. We do it in a controlled environment – that's the key part." more

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