Tuesday, February 07, 2012

School-Wide Token Economy Encourages Good Beahvior, Discourages Bad

"We try to have more positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement," Auld explains, "so when students are caught in the act of being positive, like encouraging a friend outside or picking up garbage, we recognize them on the spot." This recognition is received through slips of paper called 'gotchas.' Gotchas had originally been handed to students privately, but when Auld became principal four years ago she wanted these acknowledgements to be more public so she created the 'Celebrate Us' assemblies...There is also a negative component to the effective behaviour system to hinder bullying at the school. Opposite to gotchas, 'remembrance slips' are given to students who are seen misbehaving. School staff collects these slips and if a student accumulates three, a detention or other stricter punishment is given. more

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