Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Brain… It Makes You Think. Doesn't It?

Are we governed by unconscious processes? Neuroscience believes so – but isn't the human condition more complicated than that? Two experts offer different views... "...[W]e are not stand-alone brains. We are part of community of minds, a human world, that is remote in many respects from what can be observed in brains. Even if that community ultimately originated from brains, this was the work of trillions of brains over hundreds of thousands of years: individual, present-day brains are merely the entrance ticket to the drama of social life, not the drama itself. Trying to understand the community of minds in which we participate by imaging neural tissue is like trying to hear the whispering of woods by applying a stethoscope to an acorn." more

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Benjamin N. Witts said...

Interesting article. The author makes some good comments about the role of the brain as a more passive one with respect to certain situations. However, the author still adheres to a mentalistic doctrine that the brain is somehow the storehouse of knowledge and that mental activity is alive and real. I wonder how difficult it would be for the author (or others like him) to take the next step and view the brain as an organ - albeit a very complex organ - with no more special powers than a kidney or liver.