Friday, September 28, 2012

The Latest Issue of "The Current Repertoire" Now Available Online

The latest issue of The Current Repertoire (Fall 2012) is now available online.  The Current Repertoire is the official newsletter of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.  This issue includes:
  • How Good Science is used to Promote Bad Treatments: The Story of Brain Inflammation, Autism, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - An article contributed by Tom Zane from his Science, Fads & ABA Series
  • News from the UK: Story from the Republic of Ireland - A piece written by a parent of a child with autism and qualified teacher from Dublin
  • What is STAMPPP? - News from Mickey Keenan about the project Science and the Treatment of Autism: A Multimedia Package for Parents and Professionals
  • Built to Last: Certifying Behavior-Based Safety? - Tim Ludwig writes about BBS Certifications in Italy and Europe
  • Common Problems with Behavioral Observations - Terry McSween discusses common problems with behavioral observations
  • 6 Ways to Maintain Your Mental Flexibility - Megan Coatley gives behavioral-based tips
  • Keeping Track to Avoid Losing Track - "There's an app for that"... Darlene Crone-Todd motivates us for weight loss and diet control
  • Newly Accredited Behavioral Safety Programs - Join the Commission celebrating the behavioral safety programs of 11 organizations

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