Thursday, November 15, 2012

Improving Railroad Safety by Instituting a Behavior-Based Safety Culture

Stationed at an Asheville, N.C., [railroad] yard, Garland asked Moorman if the company would consider adopting a behavior-based safety program. Moorman emailed Garland back and said senior executives for some time had considered implementing just such a program, one that emphasizes positive reinforcement to promote proper safe practices and focuses on determining the underlying reasons workers performed tasks in an unsafe manner. NS leaders long had sought to alter long-standing practices that relied too heavily on negative reinforcement, such as supervisor-employee confrontations and punishment threats, to ensure workers minded proper safety procedures...Last year, NS hired Aubrey Daniels International Inc. (ADI), a consulting firm that specializes in behavior-based programs, to help review the railroad’s safety processes and put the cultural shift in motion. more

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