Friday, March 22, 2013

Communicating Science Effectively

The actor, director and author Alan Alda recently spoke about his passion for science — and the art of communicating science — with Paul Costello, head of the Office of Communication & Public Affairs, as part of the 1:2:1 podcast series. Alda won five Emmy Awards for his work on the TV sitcom "M*A*S*H," in which he played the character of Hawkeye Pierce. He also hosted "Scientific American Frontiers," interviewing more than 700 scientists during that PBS program's 12-year run. Alda is now a visiting professor at the State University of New York-Stony Brook's Center for Communicating Science, which he co-founded, where he teaches science students the art of improvisation and impresses on them the importance of effective science communication. Following are edited excerpts of Alda and Costello's conversation. more

(Note: The link directs to text of an excerpt from the interview. I strongly encourage everyone to listen to the entire audio interview, as it is well worth the time.)

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