Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lifestyle Gamification With The Basis B1 Fitness Tracker

Starting a new routine is easy, maintaining it is hard. The Basis B1 is perfectly aware of this problem. They know that there’s a gap between when we initiate new exercise habits and when we actually start seeing results. Most of us quit in this gap. Our desire for instant gratification is more easily satiated by one of those trendy all-natural artisan fast-food joints that keep popping up in urban centers...Luckily, keeping you on track is where the B1 shines. The idea is that because the web interface shows your progress, you will sustain motivation in the difficult beginning phase. You get bonus points for consistency and those points can be used to unlock–or level-up–to your next achievement. See, the Basis B1 is built around habits. You select physical behaviors using the web (and forthcoming mobile apps) and after you’ve made them habits, you can unlock more. In this way, the Basis B1 stands apart from the other fitness wristbands and clips on the market. It is truly designed as a gamifying and motivating product, not just a fitness tracker. more

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