Thursday, September 26, 2013

Toddlers Learn Language Faster Via Video When It’s Interactive

Toddlers can absorb a language while watching a video that is interactive, but not passive, according to a new study. The findings supply fresh fuel to the debate over whether video- and television-based learning is suitable for young toddlers...“There is some evidence that 18-month-olds will respond to the visuals of programs with words, especially if the content is of high quality. But other studies suggest children under the age of 22 months learn words less effectively from TV than from interactions with people.” To explore why children can readily learn words during live conversations, but less so with video, researchers...had three dozen 2 year olds learn new verbs in one of three scenarios: interacting with a live person, chatting with an adult via the audio and video chat program Skype, or watching a video where an adult taught words to another child who was off screen. more

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