Monday, September 09, 2013

Trainer Rewards Your Puppy For Pottying On Target

A sensor hidden inside the disposable paper cloths detects when a puppy has done its business on target, and automatically dispenses a treat while playing a chime to provide positive reinforcement for a job well done. After just a few days your dog should get the idea, and the $100 price tag is a wonderful alternative compared to how much it would cost to clean up after Fido uses your entire house as his bathroom while you're away. more


Matt Normand said...

They make the common mistake of confusing operant and Pavlovian conditioning in their description, but an interesting product just the same.

PetLoverIndia PLI said...

Thanks for sharing above information! I really appreciate this post, Puppies are so delightful and just not possible to resist. But we expect them not to peeing and pooing all over the dwelling. So here are some of tips you can use to set up to potty train your puppy:-

• Understand that puppies needs to go to the bathroom a lot as a young puppy has a very small bladder, and they haven't yet cultured the talent to control it. So keep it in mind this when it comes to potty training your puppy.

• Establish yourself as the leader; this will help in earning your puppy's respect, trust and admiration. And your puppy will star following all your potty training instructions.

• Uphold a stringent schedule when you take your puppy out to go potty. Travel through the same door and use the same direction. With your awareness of your puppy's peeing preferences, foresee when she'll want to urine and bring her to the puppy bathroom.

• Never forget to encourage your puppy every time she pees in the right spot. Thrash out your cheery, joyful voice and lavish her with adulation and praise. Your puppy now has an emotional ingenious to do her job in the right place.

Tim Barrett, Ph.D. said...

I agree, interesting product. And it drives me crazy how prevalent confusing Pavlovian with Skinnerian conditioning is even today, but it shocks me it went as far as naming the product after Pavlov! Crazy!
It would be interesting to study this device for # of trials to success and if they offer pet owners any help with fading and generalization.