Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Carrotmob: Rewards for Going "Fair Trade"

Think BUYcotting rather than boycotting. That's the idea behind Carrotmob, an initiative that rewards businesses who make the switch to Fair Trade products. John McPahail, owner of Jonnies Sticky Buns, has made the pledge to switch all of his chocolate and some of his sugar to Fair Trade. In turn, Fair Trade Manitoba is organizing. "I see it as a celebration of what a business is currently doing and It's a good way of enticing a business to go even further," McPhail says. He's always been keen on local and organic produce but hadn't really focused on Fair Trade as much. "So this was a good opportunity to sit down with somebody and look at where we are and where we could go.""It's the image of the carrot vs. the stick, so using positive reinforcement vs. negative reinforcement to produce change," explained Lorissa Kanhai, Fair Trade outreach officer. more

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