Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rewarding Engagement in Mobile Gaming

One of the concepts I teach in my integrated marketing communications class is the use of classic positive reinforcement in marketing, which has been recently reclassified as gamification by marketers in the digital era. Foursquare, with its achievement and partner badges, was an early pioneer in this era. More recently, retailers have been "combating showrooming," the phenomenon of consumers visiting a store and comparing prices on mobile devices through apps such as Shopify and Target's Cartwheel, with this technique. Shopify nudges shoppers to earn points by visiting stores more frequently and to explore more of the store once inside its doors. These points eventually lead to real-world rewards, from coffee gift cards to a Vespa Italian scooter. The downside is that consumers have to leave home or roam the city and a store for rewards; thus, the most participants will likely engage infrequently at best. more

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