Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Latest Issue of "Operants" Now Available Online from the B. F. Skinner Foundation

The latest issue of Operants, the quarterly newsletter of the B. F. Skinner Foundation, is now available here. In addition to some classic candid photos of B. F. Skinner and Fred Keller, the issue features the following content:

President’s Column (by Julie Vargas)
Memorial: Nate Azrin
Reflections: A plea for science (by Jacob Azerrad)
The Arts (by Gilda Oliver)
Reflections: Tacitus and Skinner (by Paolo Taras)
Skinner's Corner: Are theories of learning necessary? (by E. A. Vargas)
Culture: Skinner's science and psychology (by Kae Yabuki)
Profile: Erik Arntzen
Skinner's Science in the News: Skinner’s Behavior Science and the CIA (by Josh Pritchard)

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