Thursday, April 17, 2014

No Child Left Undiagnosed

The very same experts who succeeded in promoting ADHD have now concocted and are promoting a new diagnosis that would be a terrific bonanza for Big Pharma, but terrible for the kids who would be misdiagnosed and over-treated. "Sluggish Cognitive Tempo" is a remarkably silly name for an even sillier proposal. Its main characteristics are vaguely described but include some combination daydreaming, lethargy and slow mental processing. Its proponents estimate that SCT afflicts approximately two million children. Not surprisingly, Eli Lilly is already on the case...However ludicrous SCT may seem, the risk it may do great harm is real. Child psychology/psychiatry/pediatrics/family medicine have become fevered fields of diagnostic excess, Pharma manipulation and careless medication prescription. In just 20 years, rates of ADHD have tripled and Autism and childhood Bipolar Disorder have increased forty fold. more

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