Wednesday, July 09, 2014

A Shocking Way to Keep Fit: Band Gives You an Electric Jolt If You Don’t Exercise Enough

It is the wristband that could literally jolt you in action--by giving its wearer an electric shock if they don't reach their fitness goals or hit their work deadline. Called Pavlok, it uses the idea of positive reinforcement to try and change a user's behavior. Its makers hope it could go on sale this year - and be far more effective than current tracking bands...Negative reinforcement "really does make people pay attention," he said. According to the firm's website,"Pavlok offers a simple, wearable device that helps consumers form better habits." Using psychologically proven and user tested algorithms, the Pavlok wristband enforces users’ commitments to fitness, productivity, and more — even if that means 'sparking' their commitment by delivering a mild (but jolting) electric shock." more

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