Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Wearable Fitness Trackers Can Motivate You to Keep Active

Today’s fitness trackers are mini-computers with their internal memories and digital displays that count the number of steps taken, calories burned, minutes spent being active and hours spent sleeping, making my Timex as obsolete as my Walkman and VCR ... The Orbit syncs with the Runtastic Me app, which displays the data collected in a series of categories including number of steps, active minutes, calories burned, distance travelled and hours of sleep. Each of these categories drills down to more detailed graphs that highlight what time of the day produced the most activity and calorie burn as well as the times at night when I was in a heavy or light slumber. For each of these areas (except sleeping) I can set a specific goal, for which I am rewarded with a vibration signalling I have met my target. All of these features are built around established behaviour modification techniques, goal setting, self-monitoring, feedback, rewards and revealing the difference between the stated goal and actual behaviour, in the hopes that exercisers will be motivated to keep moving. more

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